So you have made the decision to go with live wedding music for your big day. You have sat down with your partner and wedding party to come up with a cool playlist. As you have chosen one of our bands you know the fun part is coming up with the choosing of  a unique set list that speaks to who you are as couple. Having live wedding music and getting to choose the song list is like building the ultimate mix tape. Except this time you don’t have to cross your fingers and hope the DJ doesn’t start talking at the end and make you wait another four hours until they play The Last of the Famous International Playboys again (yes I remember the time of cassette tapes). You have made many decisions in the last months, so coming up with a playlist seems like the easy part. You gather your wedding party together, excluding cousin Sarah’s ex-boyfriend and his ex-vegan dinner plate request,  and decide it would be fun to come up with a playlist as a unit. Everyone shows up with their list and after you consolidate everyone’s list you have five songs: Your first dance song, the father daughter dance song, Uptown Funk, Just Dance, and Generic Adele Ballad for the win. You need more songs. This wedding season the go to songs for live wedding music, and the ones that will most likely get the best reaction from your reception goers are the songs of Prince. Having just lost such a giant in the music industry Prince is still very much on everyone’s minds. Prince songs for your live wedding music will bring a rise of energy to the dance floor when you need it, and a calm for the slow songs placed at just the appropriate moments. The great thing about choosing Prince music is that he wrote many songs for other artists, so he appeals to just about every musical taste in the room. Want to re-live how awesome of an artist he was? Check out his Wikipedia page here, although it barely does justice to such a diverse artist. Rolling Stone gathered some great tributes and general information, want to read them? Click this. The long and the short of it is that Prince wrote great songs that make people want to dance. Oh, and check this out, when picking one of our bands, know that we will treat each song with the respect deserves. Don’t believe me, check our about page and see for yourself.

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The following is a list of seven great Prince songs to make sure your wedding band plays. These songs are in no particular order,  (and remember I am sorry I forgot the best one in your opinion.) The top seven are: Kiss, Let’s Go Crazy, 1999, Purple Rain, Nothing Compares 2 U, When You Were Mine,  and last but not least When Doves Cry.

1. Kiss

Play this song and people will dance, and not only will they dance but they will sing along. You know why they will dance? Because “you don’t have to be rich” and “you don’t have to be cool.” This song is as all inclusive as Prince himself and that is one of the reasons he was so loved. Listen to it below and you won’t be able to stop yourself from moving. In fact, Let’s Go Crazy!

2. Let’s Go Crazy

So much has already been said about this song, that I don’t have much to add. To relive how much fun Prince had singing it check out the version he played for the SNL 40 year anniversary:

3. 1999

At any party when music is played, for it to be the best party 1999 has to be played. The generation X-ers will love it because it reminds them of youth and Hipsters will love it ironically. Everyone else will just love it and dance.

4. Purple Rain

You play this song when you want to slow it down a bit. The song is so good that when Prince played it during a certain Half Time Show, it rained. Imagine what it will do for your wedding:

5. Nothing Compares 2 U

Once of the best songs Prince wrote that another artist sang. The song and video was so powerful it also influenced Miley Cyrus and her video for Wrecking Ball. Watch it again and feel uncomfortable with the extreme close ups:

6. When You Were Mine Another song Prince wrote that was sung by another. This time it is Cyndi Lauper our 1980s darling. Plus it is always fun to play a sad song with an upbeat rhythm and watch people dance to heart break.

7. When Doves Cry

Professional musicians practice for their upcoming gigs. The Replicas Music practice every song, every song list to make sure that your event is the absolute best! No matter how well he knew the song Prince also practiced for his gigs as well. Take a good hard look at this video and you will see that no matter where the band practices, the magic comes from the music! We think that the best line in this song also describes your dream reception venue: “Dream if you can a courtyard/ an ocean of Violet’s in bloom.” Listen to the whole thing again here:
Are there more songs I could have listed? Yes! A simple google search of “Prince discography” will pull up loads and loads of albums. As a true artist he never stopped creating, we see this as more and more new music is unearthed from his vault. Want to learn more about creating a song list for your wedding and how Prince music can play a big part?

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