Singer Songwriter Duo

V and Sid: These two are a perfect duo, with plush harmonies and dual guitar. They blend together effortlessly and would be an amazing addition to any event as background music or performance. From the 60s to today!  Song List

Guitar Duo

Matt and Mike know their music, as all The Replicas Musicians do!  These guys can handle any standard in The Great American Songbook along with your favorite Bossa Novas … but what makes them unique is their vast repertoire in the modern genres.  Why not have some Beatles, Pink Floyd and Roberta Flack as your background music along with Jazz?  Your guests will have countless  “A Ha” moments of “I know that tune” … while being able to carry on a conversation!  Song List

Eclectic Duo

This Eclectic Duo will bring a very ‘vibey’ feeling to your event.  Their etherial sound is always at the perfect volume for your guests to carry on a conversation and be enveloped by a cool-hip music to fill the senses without being obtrusive.

Guitar Duo

In celebration of music from all over the world, these brothers bring NYC street percussion, spirited gypsy beats, wild chord changes fueled by classical music, and powerful melodies honoring legends of the guitar. They are energizing in their musical presence and create the raw, awakening music made possible by the bonds of blood. This inspiration allows for the Mediterranean ancestry and new millennium youthfulness to emerge from their songs, shattering all typical shades of Flamenco-inspired guitar performance.

Guitar Duo

These gentlemen are the men about town, playing here there and everywhere all the time!  These two amazing guitarists are not only extremely well versed in many genres, but their chemistry makes their sound that much more beautiful to hear.  Consider them for your next private event, ceremony, cocktail hour.  You will be pleased!

Singer / Songwriter Duo

This talented singer songwriter duo are a fixture in the Americana/ Roots/ Rock scene. They draw from their influences of classic rock, jam band, bluegrass, country, reggae, and folk. The duo is sometimes joined by a band of talented Southern California musicians. Perfect for any corporate event or even Comic-Con!

Jazz Guitar & Flute Duo

Are you looking for a private concert as well as perfect background music?  The musicianship flowing through the veins of these two incredibly talented gentlemen is astounding.  It will take everything in you not to eat with your mouth agape from amazement.