The Craftsmen – Guitar Trio

This trio can do it all from The Great American Song Book, along with your favorite Bossa Novas to todays Modern Music.  They cover so many eras. They are the perfect background music for any event. These guys know their music, as all our musicians do!   What makes them unique is their vast repertoire in the modern genres.  Why not have some Beatles, Pink Floyd and Roberta Flack as your background music along with Jazz?  Your guests will have countless  “A Ha” moments of “I know that tune” … while being able to carry on a conversation!

Saint Sid and The Rhythm 

The Variety Trio plays it all from Elvis to Today’s Top40.  This ensemble is perfect as background music or a super dynamic performance group.  Contact us today to book this incredible group! 

Lahaina Three – Ukulele Trio

From The Beatles, to Van Morrison, to The Killers, Top 40 and beyond …  This trio will cover so many eras with the ukulele and have you feeling like you’re on a Hawaiian Island with a Pina Colada. They are the perfect background music for any event. These guys know all the songs in The Replicas Musicians repertoire!   What makes them unique is how they can take any song and alter it to that smooth island vibe. They can ‘ukulele-fy’ anything!

SaxaFrass Guitar Bass Trio

Jazz, Blues, Bossa Nova, Swing, Rumba … The Great American Songbook … Basically EVERYTHING!  These gentlemen can play it all and then some.  Song List

The Organ Donors 

Here’s another trio that can handle all genres and knock everyones socks off.  These guys have studied with some of the absolute greats in the music industry. Tim and Jon got their music degrees from Berklee College of Music.  Steve studied double bass and jazz with John Clayton Jr. and Dr. Art Davis (bassist with John Coltrane), and classical technique with Anders Swanson and David Borkenhagen.  Yeah, you can’t go wrong hiring these cats.