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Tips from the Pros: Live music

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It doesn’t matter if you are planning a wedding or a business meeting, the element of entertainment should always be a consideration. Something as simple as an interactive build-your-own Bloody Mary bar can be entertainment. Most often, music is the primary entertainment element.

Live musical entertainment can heighten the energy of an event space. A band not only provides the soundtrack, they also provide a design element. Imagine walking into a ballroom with a 14-piece big band playing atop a prominent bandstand: that’s more than just music, that is fully-felt sound, an impressive sight, and a big energy. While its lovely to hear classical music prior to a wedding ceremony, its particularly delightful to watch a harpist or string trio present the songs to your guests.


We asked a few of our trusted and recommended event professionals to share with us their thoughts on incorporating live musical entertainment into your celebration.

The advice from The Replicas: Mix it up and appeal to all the ages at your shindig. “There are many people from different eras at your event and (respectfully) you want to cater to everyone’s ears and urge them all to dance or even just enjoy the music at some point during your event,” says Veronica Puleo, lead singer for the Replicas cover band. “There’s a reason Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Aretha, and Marvin Gaye (to name a few) are still a huge favorite at private events … even the newer generations love them. Where do we think Bruno Mars and Pharrell got it from? And we are glad they are carrying the torch!”

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