Fleetwood Mac

Fleetwood Mac at The Forum Los Angeles

Fleetwood Mac at The Forum Los Angeles …  On November 29th, Alan Katz of Great Officiants (my concert buddy), surprised me with the most amazing gift … Tickets to see Fleetwood Mac at The Forum!  Check out the 15second instagram video of TUSK.  I’m sure all the USC peeps will appreciate that one!

Fleetwood Mac has always been one of my biggest influences.  Everyone in that band has been so inspirational to me … the tribal beats of Mick Fleetwood, the groove of John McVie, the genius finger-picking style and grace of Lindsay Buckingham along with his pure and giant voice, the low alto throaty tones and transcendental lyrics of Stevie Nicks, and the absolutely beautiful sound of the piano/keys/and songbird voice of Christine McVie … They move me in such a way that is inexplicable!

Seeing Fleetwood Mac at The Forum Los Angeles LIVE and together as the cohesive unit they once were was emotional and breathtaking.  I feel so lucky to have been able to witness them in person at this stage of their lives.  It is no surprise why they have been such a popular band and that their music will always stand the test of time.

Fleetwood Mac


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