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Each song has a DNA

A word from Mike:

Each song has a DNA … Recently I had a great conversation with my friend and bad-ass bass player Daniel Pearson on the topic of cover bands and what makes certain groups successful and very listenable.  We came to this:  Things like tempo, melody, instrumentation, guitar riffs, arrangement play an integral role in making a song a classic widely liked and listened to.  If a band ignores even one part of that DNA it takes away from the tune.  “Re-stylizing” an already established hit is a very tricky business … it only works when it is done with the same originality and creativity that the original was conceived with, or it simply will fall short.

When The Replicas play a private event or record covers for licensing purposes, we do our very best to replicate the exact DNA of a song.  The musicians in our band pay homage to the artist and each of us studies every tune with the goal of  being true to how the song is meant to be heard.

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