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Music Photography and Food OH MY

Music Photography and Food OH MY … We often ask our clients where they decided to spend most of their event budget.  Let’s be honest, it takes a good sum of money to put any event together and weddings are an investment in creating an amazing memory for them and their loved ones.  But just where are our clients going to spend their budget?  If money is no object, we see opulence on so many levels.  If money is an object, well, corners are cut.

Mike and I love every aspect of every event and know the value of each and every vendor. We love working with a COMPLETE team to make each client’s dream come true.  To us, we all matter so much and in a perfect world of budgets we don’t want any corners to be cut.

So, in our own private survey, we’ve come to find that our clients (specifically) are spending the bigger part of their budget on Music, Photography, and Food. Their common thought on this is that they and their guests are going to remember the vibe and energy of the event, hence, Music.  They personally want amazing photos to capture that vibe, and amazing photos by award winning photographers cost good money. And finally, Food:  We’ve all seen a rise in ‘foodies’ out there.  More and more young people care about great food, and I love it because I come from the food industry.  My Sicilian parents owned restaurants in NJ from the time I was 3 years old, so I get it when a couple tells me that food matters.

Mike and I have a great vendor list we share with all clients urging them to hire other vendors to handle certain aspects of their event so that it runs smoothly.  As you may have read in my last blog … event planners / coordinators are so very important in our eyes.  As it turns out, much to our surprise, planners are the first corner to get cut in the budget right off the bat!  Clients have this notion that they can handle this whole event with the help of friends and family and without the knowledge of event experts. And too often we see things the train get derailed because there’s no conductor there making sure everything goes perfectly.

Here’s a short list of some of the many Event Planners we love: Percy Sales,  Lisa Kahn EventsAOO EventsAmber EventsKristin Banta EventsMary SushinskiNam Lam

photo of vocalists by ChristopherTodd … photo of camera and food by VeroFoto

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