The Replicas Music only work with full time professional musicians — those who continue to study their craft long after having received their degree in the arts, musicians who make the songs performance their first priority. Music is their life, if they are not teaching or writing music, they are recording music doing session work for signed and independent artists, or they are playing live with original artists or their own solo projects, and wedding/cover bands. They have spent thousands of hours honing their craft,  tens of thousands of dollars on their musical education as well as thousands on their instruments and instrument maintenance. Check out Malcolm Gladwell’s “Outliers” and what he writes about 10,000 hours to mastery. Our musicians have attended renown schools from all over the United States, such as:  North TexasLACMBerklee College of MusicMusicians InstituteWilliam PatersonJuilliard.


Professionalism is the cornerstone of any successful enterprise.  In the music business professionalism  means having three very important qualities remain consistent on every gig you do. The first,  showing up early, not on time, because showing up on time means you’re LATE! Second, be prepared and have the correct high-end, professional quality gear to get the job done right.  Knowing your instrument well enough to get the right tone/sound from it is an art into itself, and keeping your instrument well maintained so handles  the entire performance near flawlessly is something every professional musician must be on top of at all times. Third, be a good hang. The hang is very important!  Musicians who genuinely get along make better music than those who don’t. We at The Replicas Music take great pride in the fact that our musicians think of each other like family and enjoy each others company.  We always leave personal issues at the door, wear our best smiles,  and put our heads and hearts fully into the music and the work at hand.  After the gig or rehearsal, we’re there for each other … even on a personal level.


All of the musicians at The Replicas Music read music notation, make their own charts, and do all of their required homework before they step foot into rehearsals. All of The Replicas Music ensembles rehearse for each and every gig, showing up prepared helps make for an extremely efficient rehearsal and a tighter live performance. Everyone has thoroughly gone through all of the songs so that we’re all on the same page (so-to-speak). More often than not, we play a tune for the first time at rehearsal and it sounds like we have been playing it for years … because we did our homework.


As you’ve read above, all of the musicians at The Replicas Music are well prepared. It’s because of this preparation that they are relaxed on stage, this makes for a better performance. Appearance is also a very important part of the performance.  Weather it be a more formal environment requiring suits and cocktail dress or a casual gig where we can express ourselves creatively through our dress,  looking sharp only adds to the confidence we already have in our abilities. This makes interacting with one another on stage effortless and connecting with the audience second nature.


Our commitment to excellence can be seen, felt and heard in every performance we give. Looking sharp, being prepared, playing for the song, utilizing dynamics, being in the moment and ready to connect with the audience are what make a performance great. This is what we do each and every time we take a stage. Michael Jackson said he would practice until he couldn’t get it wrong. We at The Replicas Music have adopted this motto,  and put it to work every day to ensure the music at your event is performed at the highest level and that you and all of your guests wear out the dance floor.

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