The Live Wedding Band Rider

You probably see an empty stage in this photo, but let us explain what we see:  The Live Wedding Band Rider was read by the planner (Rani Hoover) and her team provided us with EVERYTHING we asked for so that we could do what we do best!  Please note, we only ask for what we NEED and not for what we want. The bullet points below help a live wedding band get through the gig without a hitch.


Thank you Bella Vista Designs for providing a Power Drop right next to the stage … We didn’t have to run extension cables begging for extra power!  Believe it or not, that happens way to often to the live wedding band.  Musician are not electricians, and it is not their responsibility to distribute power.


Town and Country provided our 7 piece variety band with a 16×20 sturdy and level stage with no bumps or cracks to sprain an ankle on.


A simple white wash was provided by Bella Vista Designs … We were seen and it looked pretty.


Thank you Town and Country for keeping us warm on stage!  Heaters are important when the temperature drops to 50 degrees in Santa Ynez.  This is so my musicians hands will still work on their instruments. We can’t play with frozen fingers!


CateringConnection fed us 1.5 hours before performance (per our rider) so we don’t eat during the reception when musicians should be on stage giving the client what they paid for: LIVE MUSIC … Please! Every planner should be doing this when working with live musicians for a few reasons. Eating beforehand allows us to digest and not experience any chance of heartburn while performing or Burping between lyrics because we had to scarf down food in 10 minutes on a quick break. Feeding your bands beforehand keeps them on stage longer giving the clients more music for their money. Simple!


Yes, we need a place to change and freshen up after setting up all of our gear and sweating… with a garment rack, mirror, water.  … Rani also asked us what special juice or tea we wanted. She went above and beyond and we got Snapple:)

This is what we see in this photo. Last night’s wedding went off without a hitch in Santa Ynez. There was a mutual respect with each and every vendor. Only YES attitudes and everyone was smiling. No egos putting a damper on anything. Everyone was saying please and thank you and being kind to one another. GO TEAM!

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