Wedding Reception Entertainment: Team Band!

Here at The Replicas Music we are obviously Team Band in the epic battle for wedding reception entertainment dominance. Why do you want a band over DJ? Well first some people have a phobia of over-the-ear headphones not being worn properly and overly manicured facial hair. You don’t want to make your guests uncomfortable. After all you have probably already changed your reception menu three times to take in account of Aunt Margie’s gluten allergy and Cousin Stacy’s (now ex) boyfriend’s soy vegan choices. The main reason you are team band is that you love live music. We have all types of bands you can hire for your big day. Your soon to be husband is like Chandler from Friends and wants swing music? As the bride you love bluegrass? Having a formal black tie affair, and want strings…We have you covered: The Replicas Music Ensembles! 

Wedding Reception Entertainment Flexibility

When you hire a DJ for your wedding reception entertainment you get the music on your song list played exactly the way it was recorded. At times the DJ can change how the music is heard by slowing down the beat or speeding it up, however the base sound is still the same. But let’s assume you want something different for your reception. You want a sound as unique as the wedding you are planning. One of the top songs that will be played at every wedding reception until the end of time is Christina Perri’s 1000 Years. This song is popular with not only the millennials that made the Twilight series famous but also their mothers. But let’s say you are having that black tie formal wedding. 1000 Years is your song, it was the song playing in the background when you went on your first date, when you went on your first vacation together it was on the “vacation playlist,” and it was even playing in the background at the restaurant during your proposal. With the flexibility of live wedding reception entertainment you can adapt your special song so it matches the tone of your wedding. Black tie and formal? You can have our strings ensembles perform your song in a way that it won’t upset the delicate balance of salad forks and dessert spoons your wedding planner and caterer have been fighting over since the menu was first mentioned.


I want you to remove yourself from your wedding reception entertainment planning for a moment and think to yourself. This is difficult, I know, but worth it. Think back to the best wedding reception you have attended. What made that reception the best? Most likely it was the fun you remember having. What is more fun than some type of live music? Plus there is the added bonus of not having to worry about a computer going down and  no more music, a guitar can’t get a virus. In basic terms you want your reception to be fun and flawless. Well you have come to the right place. Trust us, we are professionals.

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