New Directions for Corporate Entertainment

New Directions for Corporate Entertainment

So you are hosting your first corporate event and need to impress the higher-ups with your corporate entertainment choices. Or you are an old pro with years of experience but you are tired of hosting the same ole ho-hum offsite. A crab cake here, a vegan spring roll there, if you are lucky a mini creme brulee at the dessert table. It doesn’t matter which spectrum is your jumping off point, at The Replicas Music we can help. We will provide professional music for any corporate event you have planned in your already over-stuffed calendar (why sure you can squeeze in one more 30 minute meeting about how we can reduce meetings to increase efficiency). However this time you want something different. Sure talking about the new article in Harvard Business Review to the smooth sounds of Let’s Face the Music and Dance is the norm and comfortable; but you are a maverick! You want to shake things up and make the corporate entertainment fun and maybe impress your bosses along the way.

Corporate Entertainment Innovation

By selecting The Replicas Music to provide your corporate entertainment you will be choosing professional musicians that come ready to play the standards but also with a brash innovating idea. Check out our trios and see which band tickles your fancy and hire one for your next event. And why? Because what if your next event, instead of featuring music from The Great American Songbook, featured newer hits? What? Stop clutching those pearls because I am about to lay down some truth. As a disclaimer there is nothing wrong with having your corporate entertainment include music from The Great American Songbook. People love those old standards, that’s why it’s called The Great American Songbook in the first place. When you hire us to play the corporate event we can and will play the best version of Come Rain or Come Shine that you have heard from a live band. But all disclaimers aside,why not try something different?

Something New in Corporate Entertainment

Why would you want to innovate your corporate entertainment? That’s an easy one: To impress your guests (through amazing and astounding them with your wonderful musical taste). The workforce is changing and it’s not just because your favorite diner is under new management. The workforce is getting younger (buckle down for this because here come some demographics). In 2015 (wait that is just last year) the Pew Research Center reported that the dreaded Millennials (18-34 year olds) have become the largest percentage of the workforce. Those youths are infiltrating every section of the workforce. That means they are seeping out of the “pour over” coffee house and artisan soap shops and becoming respectable. Some of them may be in the executive offices of your company. Want to impress these mustachioed and Mary-Jane wearing professionals? For your corporate event choose a band that can play classics with a twist.

Want to hear Radiohead’s songs interpreted by a jazz trio?

Yeah you do and it won’t disappoint. To some of the people at any corporate event songs like Fly Me to the Moon are as removed from their everyday experience as bustles and snuff boxes. We can play lounge-ified versions of Led Zeppelin, Metallica, and Pink Floyd (although we promise not play Another Brick in the Wall, unless we play it ironically, which honestly makes it sound better). But classic rock (and even newer) is not just entertainment for the youths. Everyone loves classic rock, that’s why it’s called classic (see what I did there). So try a change and go for innovative musicians. And guess what? If the jazzy rendition of Fake Plastic Trees doesn’t go as well as you imagined, let the musicians know and we they can change gears and go back to The Nearness of You. But don’t give up, this will be a thing, and the next day after the event people will be talking about how awesome the music was at your corporate event. Want to learn more?

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