7 Best Prince Songs For Live Wedding Music

7 Best Prince Songs For Live Wedding Music

So you’ve made the decision to go with live wedding music for your big day. You’ve sat down with your partner and wedding party to come up with a cool playlist. Having live wedding music and getting to choose the song list is like building the ultimate mixtape. Except this time you don’t have to cross your fingers and hope the DJ doesn’t start talking at the end and make you wait another four hours until they play “The Last of the Famous International Playboys” again (yes I remember the time of cassette tapes). You have made many decisions in the last months, so coming up with a playlist seems like the easy part. You gather your wedding party together, excluding cousin Sarah’s ex-boyfriend and his ex-vegan dinner plate request, and decide it would be fun to come up with a playlist as a unit. Everyone shows up with their list and after you consolidate everyone’s list you have five songs: Your first dance song, the father daughter dance song, Uptown Funk, Just Dance, and Generic Adele Ballad for the win. You need more songs.

Enter Prince

This wedding season the go to songs for live wedding music, and the ones that will most likely get the best reaction from your reception goers are the songs of Prince. Having just lost such a giant in the music industry Prince is still very much on everyone’s minds. Prince songs for your live wedding music will bring a rise of energy to the dance floor when you need it, and a calm for the slow songs placed at just the appropriate moments. The great thing about choosing Prince music is that he wrote many songs for other artists, so he appeals to just about every musical taste in the room. Want to relive how awesome of an artist he was? Check out his Wikipedia page, although it barely does justice to such a diverse artist. Rolling Stone gathered some great tributes and general information, want to read them?

The long and the short of it is that Prince wrote great songs that make people want to dance. Oh, and check this out, when picking one of our bands, know that we will treat each song with the respect deserves. Don’t believe me, check our about page and see for yourself.

Live Wedding Music

The following is a list of seven great Prince songs to make sure your wedding band plays. These songs are in no particular order, (and remember I am sorry I forgot the best one in your opinion.) The top seven are:

  • Kiss
  • Let’s Go Crazy
  • 1999
  • Purple Rain
  • Nothing Compares 2 U
  • When You Were Mine
  • and last but not least When Doves Cry

Are there more songs I could have listed? Yes! A simple google search of “Prince discography” will pull up loads and loads of albums. As a true artist he never stopped creating, we see this as more and more new music is unearthed from his vault. Want to learn more about creating a song list for your wedding and how Prince music can play a big part?

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