How to Avoid the "Epic Fail" for your Wedding Entertainment

How to Avoid the Epic Fail for your Wedding Entertainment

As you plan your wedding, there may be treacherous roads ahead for you and your partner. Around each corner lurks the possibility that your wedding may not be, gasp, the most perfect affair. However if you choose a live band from The Replicas Music at your wedding, your risk disappears. Once you hire one of our professional bands you can stop worrying about the entertainment. Your focus can switch back to the third groomsman and the Tolkienesque search for the dress pants in a size, which is now sold out. This is why you sent out the group email six months in advance listing the pants and size, so they could be purchased early, not on the eve of July! This is why you never liked Chad, but what did you expect from the bowling league champ (two years running!) that still lives in his mom’s basement?

Just Breathe

Remember, hiring a professional band comes with benefits. And not just that the bridesmaids will be able to make googly eyes at someone else other than that third groomsman, looking at your banjo! The toughest decisions you should be making about the entertainment is the set list. And no matter what your sister says, no show-tunes! You don’t want a repeat of Aunt Bertha’s searing rendition of “Sunrise, Sunset,” as she is tone deaf. Your wedding is supposed to be fun, a celebration of your love and commitment to each other, and other touchy feely cotton candy type situations. On your special day you should only be worried about saying your vows correctly and not pulling a Ross Gellar.

However, despite the best planning and intentions, things can go epically wrong on your “save the date.” And I am not just talking about the fact that your caterer just informed you that they may have mislabeled the Gluten Free appetizers. Below are five possible wedding fails that you will avoid by hiring us right now!

This first video shows what happens when your best man isn’t exactly graceful. Warning, these may or may not be fake, after all this is the internet.

Here is a video that shows what happens when the band’s drummer is a little more enthusiastic than expected. But it works, they are wearing shiny gold jackets. Check him out around 1:10.

Here is another drummer issue. You don’t want the members of the band to take away from the seriousness of the moment, and we promise ours won’t.

Finally, even professionals can have an achilles heel. In this case it is the drummer again.

After watching the above, this article may not have quelled your fears but rekindled them. However, it is all in good fun. Remember we have extensive training courses for our drummers so you will see less “Animal” and more cowbell! Seriously at The Replicas Music we have professional bands that are battle tested and ready to help make your special day epic. Don’t believe me? Contact us today and ask!

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