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How to Liven Up your Corporate Entertainment

Let’s face it, when you picture corporate entertainment, your mind doesn’t produce the most vivid images. What comes to my mind is either an HR manager trying to get their iPhone (or gasp and HTC) to couple with a bluetooth speaker, or maybe the one of the IT guys brought his MacBook and is using his DJ software to for the first time. Employees like these events mostly because they don’t have to be at their desks or in a meeting. Now I am not saying that offsite events and schmooze fests are always the subject of associate level eye rolls (but those are the cool kids). Some love these for the networking opportunities. Basically you need to keep everyone, even Debbie Downer, entertained at these events. To entertain these masses of business casual clad workers, why not try a live band for once

Live! Corporate! Entertainment!

A live band for corporate entertainment is the gold standard (that means based on gold you philistines). Not only does live entertainment it show the event’s attendees that you are serious about entertaining them, it also induces people to have fun. Music lulls us into tapping our feet and swaying our hips. Things might actually get lively!  What is better than live music to pep people up? At school rallies we have pep bands not pep DJs. Live music gets people excited. But I know what you are thinking. I’m not planning a red solo cup kegger, this is a relatively business casual event (there may be polo shirts spotted) and we basically want something entertaining going on in the background. At The Replicas Music our Trios are great for events that are business in the front and party in the back. And you don’t have to worry about a moody DJ that won’t take requests because he is “an artist, not a jukebox.” First, you don’t need that kind of attitude when putting on an event and second they look goofy in those headphones.

Live bands further enrich your corporate entertainment choices

A live band can play off the crowd. Scanning the crowd a band can tell what is working and what isn’t. Are they playing too many slow songs, or too many fast ones? Is the cover of Pink Floyd’s Money not going over as well as you thought at the Welcome Investors luncheon? Did your EVP not get the irony? With our professionals just let them know and they can switch it up and try something different. You need to make a speech during the event, how much cooler is it to have a drum roll proceed you rather than the “if you can hear me clap once” exercise (don’t force people to clap it doesn’t look or feel good). People clap with live music. People will clap if your entertainment sounds like this. I started to have fun just listening to the clip, imagine what the real thing will be like!

You want the real thing!

Accept No Substitutes!

The Replicas Music puts on great events where the party never stops! Contact us today and we will make your events rock!

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