The Best Live Band for the Job

In the past few blog posts I have extolled the virtues of hiring a live band for your event entertainment. These events can range from weddings, corporate gatherings, and even anniversary parties. Live bands are great for a variety of reasons. Want to know all the reasons and all the things about live bands? Check this out. However there is a small caveat (yes, caveat) when hiring a band.

Hiring the Best Live Band

When surfing the interwebs you will be inundated with bands you can hire for your event. Why should you choose The Replicas Music? First they are awesome. Don’t believe me? Well it’s not just me saying it. Check this out, or even this. I told you so.

The Replicas Music ensembles are awesome and you should choose one of their bands for your live event. The reasons are not just the arguments laid out in the links to award winning and hard hitting blog posts (ok…not actually award winning), or even in the testimonials. You should hire an ensemble from The Replicas Music because they have the best band for any live event you have planned. Large or small we have you covered.

Set the Tone for Your Event

Hiring the correct band for your event sets the tone for the event. I know you think it is the flowers or the catering company but live entertainment effects tone in a more important way than Aunt Sally not getting the chicken plate she requested. Allow me to present an example from a recent experience I had at a live event. I went to an event, let’s call it a rally.

First it was held outside (strike one) and second it was hot (strike two and three). Those cardinal sins can be slightly overlooked if during the wait time for the big show the entertainment is inspiring and just the correct level of distracting.

So back to my story…the rally. There were over a thousand people at said rally and the venue had a mix of recorded music and a live band. When the live band took a break then popular music would play over the loudspeakers. I have never really prefered recorded music to a live band, but in this case I did. I was waiting for the sweet relief of the band to “take five.” You see, the band was not the best band they could have picked for such a large event. They were good but they were not the right fit for the size of the rally. I think the band that played would have been perfect for an 8th grade graduation party that had a guest list of no more than 20 people (and that is counting Aunt Sally and your ten cousins from Utah).

How The Replicas Music Can Help

You will not have this issue with any of the ensembles The Replicas Music have to offer. Why can I say that with such strong conviction? Hint: They do it for a living! To sum up: they are professionals and know how to gauge what you need for your event better than you do. Don’t believe me? Check out their YouTube channel and try not to be pumped

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