Why Plan a Destination Wedding?

Remember when you were young and the family would go on a road trip. Can you remember the excitement involved in knowing only a few short hours riding in the back of 70s station wagon were between you and somewhere wonderful. When you arrived with your family you were always a little light headed for some reason, this wasn’t excitement but actually the exhaust fumes you had been breathing while sitting in the “back back” of the car. Road travel was fun if your cousins did not give you rug burns or charlie horses. The adults however, had a different experience. Dads and Moms were always stressed out during the drive. This may have stemmed from the fact that once you left your house you had no way to communicate with anyone until you arrived at your destination. Sure there were times a gas station may have a payphone but you had to be careful someone didn’t put a needle in the change slot! The 70s and 80s were such a simpler time.

It’s Not As Difficult As You Think

Many couples avoid the idea of a destination wedding because they flash back to those very same family trips and they think it is too stressful and too difficult. The road to a destination wedding seems too tricky and fraught with trouble. It is already a largely stress inducing process to plan a wedding, adding the out of town factor seems to add more problems. However once you get the professionals involved everything gets easier. First think of it….are you thinking? Close your eyes you can concentrate better. A destination wedding will limit the guest list. Have you been avoiding your family because you don’t want to invite Aunt Sophie’s brother-in-law twice removed? Sorry everyone we are having our wedding at a small beach venue with limited seating. How great does that sound and feel?

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