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Theme Weddings with The Replicas Music

According to The Knot, the I Ching of Wedding information, about 40% of couples planning a wedding are looking for more personalization to express who they are as couple. Remember, you and your betrothed are both unique snowflakes, no matter what Tyler Durden says. Since we are all unique then why have a cookie cutter wedding. The other interesting factoid the above study showed was that couples are also spending more than they used to on their receptions and reception entertainment. Putting together ideas of personalization and a bigger, better reception is the sweet spot for The Replicas Music (am I mixing too many metaphors? Probably, but it isn’t nice to judge). Let’s talk about Theme Weddings!


So with all the percentages in mind I know you want to personalize your wedding. You may even want, gasp, a theme. Wait! Don’t go! Theme Weddings are awesome! Think about it: do you and your mate have a book in common that you really love? How about a movie or a decade? Choosing an ensemble from The Replicas Music makes it easier for your theme to come alive at the reception as well. The following are some Theme ideas for your wedding and the best ideas for music that The Replicas Music have to offer. 


First if you haven’t seen the movie, what are you waiting for? Get to watching! What am I saying, of course you have seen it, that is why you want your wedding planned in its particular style. After the ceremony is over, head to a reception in the style of “Rick’s Cafe Americain.” One of our jazz trios will be there playing some classic standards. Give this a listen and you will be as stoked for the reception as you were for the vows. 


Some say it was the best decade. Although those people did not have to deal with leg warmers in the summer, and Jazzercise just about anytime. That being said the music of the 80s was pretty epic. It’s the decade when Metallica was born, how can you top that? You plan a wedding and reception reminiscent of the 80s and you will have more to talk about than just awesome hair bands. The Replicas Music can provide all the musical entertainment. The video is just a snippet of the live experience. 


Some people want to get away from it all. Some people enjoy cold lemonade on a hot day, porch swings, rope swings, and the quiet elegance of rural Americana. Do you like cowboy hats, pickup trucks, and Willie Nelson? How great would the wedding party look wearing cowboy boots? Well yee-haw!- The Replicas Music even have a country group ready, willing, and able to perform those country songs we all love (well some of us anyway). And for the purists there is always bluegrass straight from the hills of Appalachia.

Like what you hear? Of course you do, who would not like these great sounds? And I did not even touch on this or that. Do you want a great band to play at your wedding? Then what are you waiting for! Contact us today and start the path to a truly unique Wedding Reception experience.

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