Rock And Roll Wedding

Rock & Roll Theme Wedding

Did someone say Theme Wedding? Awesome! However, what if you are planning a wedding and you and your spouse are not the traditionally romantic type. What if your idea of a romantic night out is a rock concert, pizza by the slice, and over-priced beer sold in red solo cups? You meet with your family and friends to come up with a vision for the wedding and reception. The ideas presented by moms, dads, and siblings just do not represent your identity as a couple. Rustic hand-twined wedding favors leave you as cold as a string quartet playing Pachelbel’s Canon during the wedding march. How do you keep your uniqueness as a couple present in the midst of taffeta, bunting, and all that tulle? The traditional wedding imagery is so oppressive you may have even thought of simply eloping. But wait, stop throwing out all that bath water…you have so many options open before your opt-out of a wedding all together.


Theme weddings have become all the rage and really highlight a couple’s personality. You may be thinking this doesn’t help you much because you didn’t have a big budget for the wedding in the first place. A theme will just cost more!  Actually a theme wedding may just cost you less (obviously it depends on the theme, so stop rolling your eyes for a second and listen). What is your theme?


Well you like concerts and live music? There’s your theme in a nutshell. Decorating the reception will be so much cheaper using red solo cups than actual glassware. When Uncle Jake goes three sheets to the wind, who cares, he can drop all the plastic cups he wants and you don’t get any extra stemware charges. And everyone loves red solo cups, if you don’t then maybe you are just not the type of person that should not be going to wedding, the type we don’t want at weddings in the first place. What am I saying, I don’t know… I don’t know for sure but we should look into it. Beside that your wedding will be huge and beautiful…the best wedding around.


And being you are a bright couple with great musical taste (we won’t talk about last summer when you were seen humming “Bad Blood”…and no you you can’t get away with claiming you simply like the video) you choose The Replicas Music to play at your reception and completely embody a rock-n-roll theme. The Replicas will not only provide the best performance and awe your guests, they will play set list of your design. Want your first dance song to be the Rolling Stones’ classic, “Angie”, well they have you covered (get it?). They can even slow down some of your favorite rock classics for a special dance. Check out solo guitar for The Beatles “In My Life.” But wait, you want something louder and faster? They got your back with Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody.” They can go forward to new century and cover bands like Kings of Leon. Interested in something else? Check out their Youtube channel for your browsing enjoyment. After that there is nothing left to do but click here to find out how to hire us today! 

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