New Products, Live Music, and The Replicas Music

Is your business about to go public with a new product or products? Want great fanfare and people to be excited about the kickoff? There are many options available to you for presenting a new product to your consumers. Before you put on your black turtleneck and prepare the video montagues, think about the audience you are going to be holding captive. Before the big announcement you are going to have a gaggle of people hanging around waiting. Guess what? People do not like to wait. We as a people in general prefer instant gratification. So how do you keep the client base happy while IT runs to find another cat7 cable? I know what you are thinking…two words….Open Bar! However what pairs best with an open bar? Two words….Live Music! A product unveiling is going to need to be high energy and to achieve the hype needed hiring a live band is essential. And The Replicas Music has the best ensembles available.


Previously I have presented the case that you always need the right band to present the best event. Ensembles from The Replicas Music are these bands. You and your corporate overlords can pick from a variety of styles. They have everything! Even a sitar player! Is that too many exclamation points? When live music is on the line there are never enough. So you are planning your unveiling and looking into live bands. Choose The Replicas Music. Not only can they help guide with the type of ensemble you may want, but once you choose you also can choose their playlist. It like having your own live iPod. Think of the power! You are now the controller of destinies, but not quite The Mother of Dragons. Using your newfound powers also come with responsibility. Being in charge of the live entertainment is not a burden but requires choosing (condemned to be free…get it?). When choosing the tracks you want played keep in mind the following high energy favorites. They will rock the event to its core.

Jump – Van Halen

The opening riff of this song lets everyone in the room know something awesome is about to happen. Yup, it’s almost time to reveal the new product! We can see you there Eddie, “with your back against the record machine.” Click below to relive this classic and picture it live at your event.

Don’t Stop Believing – Journey

You may be “just a small town girl,” but you know how to get a crowd captivated. Play this song and even the millennials in the room may shrug to the music. This is sure to inspire excitement and belief in your new product! Listen to the song and you will captivated all over again.

Welcome to the Jungle – Guns and Roses

You want people to know where they are during your event. And where are they? Axel has the perfect answer. “You’re in the jungle baby.” Launching a new product or a series of products is exciting and a challenge to your competitors. It’s a product eat product world and today’s business world is a jungle!. It also works for grammar sticklers because it’s you’re and not your. Listen to the song and relive the early glory of the 1980s (and that is not 1980’s).

Forever – Drake

You are going to want an inspiring song also. Something that may catch the millennial blogger’s attention. They may even lift their heads and take notice. That song is Forever. I mean you want people to know that you know “G4 pilots on a first name basis.” Are the lyrics rough? Maybe, but they can always do an instrumental. Listen below and bask in the greatest of the man that brought a basketball championship to The Land! The Replicas Music can provide all the above and more. Check us out and you won’t be sorry! 

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