Rocking LA Auto Show

When you are surrounded by sleek lines, white walls, and glass packs for what more could you ask (not: what more could you ask for because we don’t end sentences with a preposition). I am going to add something as a requirement for the LA Auto Show and that is live music. First live music is amazing: it brings people together for awkward head bobbing and hip swaying. It makes people peppy and puts them in a good mood.


Hire an ensemble from The Replicas Music and the people at your booth will be interested, calmed, and distracted with music from the fact that IT’S NOVEMBER AND THEIR HOLIDAY LIST IS NOT FINISHED (yes holiday list…by now you should have seen the wind up on that one). Second: You don’t want to be the vendor with the boring booth do you? What will your boss think when you return to the office with most of the promotional material you were to distribute because no one wanted to visit your section. Listen up. We get it. You are a vendor at the LA Auto Show and you’re from LA or maybe you’re even from out of town but you are still a vendor. Maybe you are selling gas caps for Hummers, or slamming A/V gear for off roaders or maybe you are like those awesome friends of ours over at Electric Step selling those slammin swing out steps in the aftermarket. It really doesn’t matter. What does matter is that you need to have a party and you need Los Angeles top live musical entertainment agency… Yup, the Replicas Music of course! So there’s two ways to go.


The Replicas Music brings you our Gypsy Jazz Quartet. They perform regularly in the greater Los Angeles area. This beautiful young lady demonstrates her virtuosity on the violin, her unique and sophisticated vocal technique, and her multi-cultural approach to music. You will drive your customers crazy by how cool you are and how awesome the music is. Clear your mind and try to picture it. Your presentations backed by, not a nerd in IT that rolls his eyes when you ask what “the cloud” is, but a profession live band playing music of your choice. For live music at a car show there are many choices of genres to go with, but only one of two makes sense.


You have to go with Rock-N-Roll. Why? Two words: ZZ Top (or is that three?). If you choose one of the variety band ensembles from The Replicas Music ZZ Top covers will wow your audience in “the key of g demolished.” The following songs need to play during the LA Auto Show. If they are missing then you should be too!


First the lyrics are a little off. Not every lady is crazy for a well dressed gentlemen. But we don’t listen to ZZ Top for the lyrics. We listen to ZZ Top for the music. The driving rhythms are perfect for an auto show because they sound like cars racing on the pavement. Listen below and experience nostalgia for when cars were hot rods and chop tops. 


When Metallica resurfaced in 1997 with their new album, Reload, and their new haircuts we were nervous. Wasn’t their power in their hair? Maybe, because a few years later their drummer would sue Napster and we would never have free music again. Well until we started signing up for Pandora or Spotify (not you Apple Music, take a step back). Even if you are not familiar with Metallica, if someone walks in the room and says, “Gimme fuel.” Someone in the same room will answer back with, “Gimme fire, gimme that which I desire.” Play the video below for loud music that makes you want to drive fast. 

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