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Last year the corporation I work for decided to give a fundraiser and provided live entertainment for the attendees. It was a nice gesture because who doesn’t like live music? Middle of the work day, take some much needed time to relax. What could go wrong? The answer is most things. First, never hire an amatuer band. We all love your nephew Vance but we really don’t like his cover band. How many times to we have to sit through his cover of “Freebird.” 

Hire The Best

Hire The Replicas Music as your music agency and you will never have to worry about the competence of your ensemble choice. The ensembles you can choose from are the best in the Professional Event Entertainment business and represent music from pretty much any genre. Professional musicians from The Replicas Music will make beautiful and energetic live music at your next event. They will also sound like professionals while doing it. The band hired for the corporate fundraiser I attended were not professionals and more importantly did not sound like professionals. Hire The Replicas Music and you don’t have to worry about the sound, they have it covered.

People Like To Talk

In my corporation’s defense (mostly because I would like to not be unemployed) live music at an event, whether it is a mixer or fundraiser, can be tricky. You have a large group of people centralized in one area. We are gregarious mammals, even if our comments on social media seem to prove the opposite. Basically people like to talk to each other. When someone or something hinders our ability to communicate our conversations become, “nasty, brutish and short.”

Professional Event Entertainment

When looking for a music agency you want to choose one with tons of experience performing at live events. The Replicas Music exudes Professional Event Entertainment experience. Their ensembles have provided live reception entertainment so they know how to perform in a way where people can still converse and not feel they have to scream over the band. People love to talk at work. I will leak this secret thus putting myself in great danger. We don’t really like water that much, the water-cooler provides the cover we need to actually speak with each other (and learn the new project manager for marketing booked the wrong conference room and then let her meeting run 20 minutes late). An ensemble from The Replicas Music will have the experience needed to read and react to the room they are playing. People who hire The Replicas Music can’t stop raving about them. Listen to what one very happy customer has to say about the experience. Like what you hear so far? Of course you do. Contact us today and we can book your next event and make you popular with your employees again. 

Many bands claim to be professional and they are not. We are a proven entity. We are professional and our music will kick your ass!

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