Top Pop Songs for Live Reception Entertainment

Top Pop Songs for Live Reception Entertainment

Why do you want pop songs for your live reception entertainment? Here is the deal. At your wedding you are going to want songs played which have emotional meaning for you and your partner. But for the rest of the guests at your reception you also need a little levity, I mean we are all going to need some for a while. So for those breaks in between first dances and other love songs, your guests want to dance. How better to get Aunt Vee to do her best Elaine Benes dance routine, than to play pop music.

If you are preparing for your wedding reception an ensemble from The Replicas Music will play the best sets you can ask for, including all the pop your guests desire. From slow dances to showing off our awesome “Vogue” moves, playing pop music will make people happy. So what songs do you pick for your ensemble to play?

Baby One More Time – Britney Spears

Before “It’s Britney Bitch” we had a young girl in a questionable outfit singing and dancing in the halls of her school. I mean without this song how were we “supposed to know, that something wasn’t right.” Have this song played at your reception and watch your older cousins act like they did when the world was young. 

Poker Face – Lady Gaga

Before you start writing letters, no I don’t really think Lady Gaga is pop music but I am not sure where she falls in the spectrum. So by my rules if she is played on a pop radio station (wait do we still have radio?) I will designate her as pop. My house, my rules. If you are going to play one song by Mother Monster do not choose Just Dance, like it’s really too obvious. Don’t play a song telling people to dance when you want them to dance it’s a little fascist. So choose Poker Face it is less obvious and you can’t choose Speechless because you don’t want your guests to ugly cry. 

Blank Space – Taylor Swift

You need to have one song played for a bridesmaid. And you know the one I am talking about. This is the one bridesmaid who may not have her life as together as you think she should. However, she is actually an awesome person and probably the most fun guest to show at your wedding. This is the reason you choose this song. Because although it is a little Amazing Amy-ish, it is her jam and should be played with great abandon. 

Bye Bye Bye – *NSYNC

If we are to believe Scrubs people are powerless against this song. Listening to this song and you must dance, it’s like a biological imperative. You you got it. Live music at a Reception of any kind is the best entertainment there is. Basically all 90s pop music will get people on the dance floor. I know it might sound crazy, “But it ain’t no lie.” See what I did there? 

Now that you have a few songs you know are important to play at your wedding, call The Replicas Music and set up your quote today. Once you contact us you can scratch one more thing off your wedding to-do list and feel better about the next things you need to do.

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