Special Day Los Angeles Playlist

Special Day Los Angeles Playlist

On your special day you want one thing: for everyone surrounding you to be as in love as you are. I know, sappy right? Actually you want the wedding planner to get it through his head that you hate eggshell and asked for pearl! But that is beside the point. If you are forced to think about someone else during your wedding and subsequent reception you may want to think about your guests (and of course included in the you is the unspoken “we” or your better half). You are paying for the big shindig so they better enjoy themselves. The best way for guests to enjoy themselves at the reception is a live band for the entertainment. Live entertainment puts everyone in a good mood. And according to California Wedding Day Magazine the best band in Los Angeles for you live wedding reception entertainment is The Replicas. Here at The Replicas Music we are ready, willing, and able to make your special day the entertainment event of your year (yeah that is the Oxford Comma). So you have chosen from one of the many ensembles offered by The Replicas Music and then what is next? Well making your own special playlist for the performance … er… um … wedding reception. Everyone loves to dance and some dance better than others. But remember no one wants to see Uncle Hammish “pop and lock” or his extreme “robot moves” for more than a few songs. Also some of the awkward teens need to awkwardly slow dance together. What follows is a list (not comprehensive or exhaustive…I think highly of my opinion but there are limitations) of slow dances songs The Replicas Music must perform at your reception.


If any song on the list is an absolute must it is this song. Now I don’t believe in absolute truths (surprise!) but if I did this is an absolute truth I would believe. John Legend is cool- the media lets me know this daily. It would not lie to me and thus you must slow dance to this song. He loves all of us, “Even [our] perfect imperfections.” So you must pick this song. Don’t agree? You agree. You were already humming this song before I mentioned it.


Taking you back to a simpler time: the year 1999. Although we were all nervous for Y2K (yes it was a thing kiddies and by kiddies I mean millennials) and still thought long johns with shorts was cutting edge, we still all agreed on swaying to this song. We didn’t have black framed glasses or ironic shirts but he had feelings…so many feelings. We would “hang on your lips/Instead of the gallows of heartache.” Listen below and remember the last year of the twentieth century.


Sometime a song is so amazing it doesn’t even need people to dance to it. At Last is one of those songs. This song is so great it even makes me look like I can dance (surprise the writer does not dance well). Older people will dance if this song is played and older people are the best dancers.


No matter how much you resist Coldplay will be heard! Is this maybe a little unconventional for a slow dance? Yes (not really it’s Coldplay). The sincerity of the song makes it best to pull someone close to you, pretend you didn’t just watch your younger sister marry before you, and dance.


Yes this is a sad song. I didn’t say they were all going to make you smile. I did say you could slow dance to these songs. Slow dancing to this song makes you hold the person you are dancing with tighter. It reminds you of how fleeting everything is and how important moments of love are. It reminds you that you are powerless in a world and your love isn’t always returned. But it reminds you of love and we can always use a little more of that. As I mentioned above the above five songs are not exhaustive. There are many more songs to choose from. In fact at The Replicas Music we can even change the tempo and make a fast song slow! It can be done! We have the technology! To learn more contact us today and get ready to dance. 

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