Top 5 Classic Songs To Play At Your Wedding Reception

Everyone loves weddings. You get to see family from across the country, old friends get together and you witness the beautiful union of your loved ones. Whether it’s in a beautiful sanctuary or out on the beach, it’s a glorious moment full of excitement and love floating in the air! However, while everyone is watching the beautiful couple exchange their vows, they’re secretly hoping their favorite song gets played at the reception. You have to admit that the transition from being serious in the ceremony, to loosening up your tie and showing your best moves to Uptown Funk, is the best! The Replicas Music will bring your ‘hashtag wedding goals’ to life, by providing the best live entertainment for your reception!

1. Don’t Stop Believin’

Even though this song was originally released in the 80s music era, you have to sing it at the top of your lungs EVERYTIME you hear it. Turn your wedding reception into a live Journey concert, just without the actual members of the band. There’s no doubt that The Replicas Music will nail it with the same energy as the original:

2. Livin’ On A Prayer

Your reception should be a no-judgment-zone! Just in case your cousin Andy has too many glasses of wine! Also, when this song plays, everyone suddenly tunes into their inner rockstar, which is okay. This classic will turn your reception up to the max. Below (at :48s) you can see how much of an awesome time people have when this Bon Jovi classic is played:

3. It Takes Two

During the golden age of Hip Hop, we witnessed this funky, classic jam. It’s a guarantee that with the soulful female voice on the hook and the opening line : “I wanna rock right now…” another side of you is revealed! The Replicas Music knows how to party, so request this song when you book them.

4. Ain’t No Mountain High Enough

When that bass line comes in, you better decide what verse you’re going to sing. Everyone knows the lyrics to this Motown classic! So, grab your partner and sing your heart out!

5. This Is How We Do It

So there are a lot of songs that are guaranteed to turn the party up, but Montell Jordan’s “This Is How We Do It’ will even have your Uncle Jack out of his seat. It might be 2017, but this timeless classic remains forever!

The Replicas Music has a vast and undeniable pool of talent! They will ignite the stage with their light and leave a lasting memory with any client! Booking with them is easy, fun and very worth while!

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