You need The Replicas Music (shameless plug: a music agency) in your life. Why? Your big day is fast approaching and to quote the 17th century poet, Andrew Marvell:
“at your back you can “always hear/Time’s winged chariot hurrying near.”
There’s some culture for you free of charge and yes it was the dreaded poetry. So why hire a music agency? One word springs to mind: professionalism. You wedding is so important and unless you are Liz Taylor, you are only planning one. This wedding needs to be perfect and for perfection you need professionals. And who are the best professionals at this game: The Replicas Music. Why go with professionals? I mean you can get cousin Donny’s garage band to play for a case of the microbrew of their choice, although we know they will alway chose something like PBR because they can finagle two cases of cheap hipster beer. You go with a music agency because you sign a contract so you know what to expect the day of the nuptials. No last minute surprises. You sign on the dotted line and you safe from getting extra charges because the drummer broke too many drumsticks during the set. Also when you hire a music agency, like The Replicas Music, you get a multitude of ensembles to choose from. Having an outdoor beach wedding? Check out this group:  

Ukulele and Guitar Duo for your Beach Style Wedding

  Yes they are a little too “Jack Johnson” for my taste but that is what a beach wedding is for, either too much Jack Johnson or Dave Matthews Band, I chose Jack Johnson as the lesser of two evils but maybe only because there was not a third choice. So beach weddings are blah and, like so last year (Do we still do the valley girl thing?). You are more of a vintage soul and want to swing dance, but not exactly riot. Well The Replicas Music also have you covered there. Check these cool cats:  

Rock This Town – The Replicas Music Trio

I don’t know how you would rock a town inside out, but I am sure one of these band members do, and they would be happy to show you. This Trio of Cool Cat musicians are sure to impress your over judging friends and will impress your soon to be father in law who questions your upbringing and good taste. 

The Replicas Music – A Music Agency

And don’t worry if you don’t like these two, they have many to chose from. Why you might ask. Well because unlike most others, The Replicas Music is a professional full service music agency. Just check out their ensemble page and find someone you like. They can even play The Cure for your inner goth/artsy teen. And well if you don’t believe me about how worry free it is to hire a music agency to handle your wedding entertainment, we’ve got clients lined up to tell you so from experience.

A Worry Free Experience – Client Testimonials

  And here are even more satisfied customers:  
  Straight from the bride and groom. Wait did they say, “Best band?” Yes they did. Want just a taste of what the other variety bands can do? A simple scroll through their youtube page will show you all they have to offer and more.  
Hire the Replicas Music for your live wedding entertainment. This will be once choice you will not regret (remember those bangs in high school?). Check them out today so your special day will be one for the record books. Click here and contact us today!