In the month of March, we celebrate women all over the country for their undying contributions to society and culture. The Replicas Music wants to honor “International Women’s Day along with Women’s History Month” with some of the great women in music who have been a beacon of light on and off the stage. It is amazing when artists are able to use their platform for more than just performing, but to cultivate lives and inspire people all over the world.

1. Whitney Houston

Before girl anthems became a trend, this legendary R&B diva had women all over the world singing this to the top of their lungs. Whitney Houston was the epitome of a woman and embodied it in every aspect of her career. We miss you, Whitney!

2.Taylor Swift

After overcoming all the rumors of the industry, Taylor Swift shook off her haters with this powerful, yet poppy tune! This is a perfect tune to get people on their feet at your reception. The Replicas Music has your Taylor Swift fix!

3. Beyoncé

“Girls, who runs this motha?” says Queen Bey ! She is the embodiment of how strong, hard-working and resilient great women are.

4.Christina Aguilera

Beautiful was written and produced by another Bad-Ass woman, Linda Perry back in 2002. It won a Grammy for Best Female Pop Vocal. “Beautiful” has also been widely embraced as an anthem by the LGBT community for its message of self-empowerment and inner beauty.

5. Selena

This brilliant woman was gone way too soon, but she left her mark on this world with her sultry and honest vocal delivery on every song she recorded.  She was not only the Queen of Tejano music, but she was an incredible dancer, fashion designer, and all-around powerful and wonderful soul. We love you Selena!

6. Britney Spears

Our little vixen of the 90s, Miss Britney Spears dazzled the world with her sexiness by executing all the seductive choreography with perfection!  Go Girl!

7. Lady Gaga

AKA Stefani Germanotta – the half French half Italian Goddess. The world will never be the same.  Thank GOD for Lady Gaga and her genius piano skills, songwriting, and smooth vocals.

8. Chaka

Over the last 5 decades, Chaka has wowed us all with her crazy high range and power!  She’s all woman and we adore her.

9. Madonna

She took us by storm and rattled every man’s cage – testing their ability to try and make sense of what she brought to the table.  She never cared what anyone thought of her.  She moved mountains to get to where she is today – and she let nothing get in her way or stop her incredible flow!  There is only ONE Madonna.

10. Alicia Keys

Another brilliant pianist, songwriter, vocalist – with a huge splash of Earth Mother.  We love all things Alicia Keys and always look forward to what’s next with her.

11. Janet Jackson – “Miss Jackson if You’re Nasty”

Janet Jackson – from her role “Good Times” to “Control” and beyond, we thank you for being such an incredible performer.

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