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Have a corporate event on the horizon? Want to liven it up by using a live band? See if this was live right now you would have heard a rimshot. Live music makes everything better. Even, dare I say it, my blog posts. Hire The Replicas Music for your corporate event and they will also make it better. Think about it. The holiday season is upon us and if you work at an office there will be some kind of office party. Whether it is an all office event or little department breakouts, you will at some time be attending a “party.” We use quotations marks because they are usually nothing close to resembling an actual party. Remember last year, when HR manager gave out yellow cards for office inappropriate slang words? Helen, in accounting, almost got a red card for describing the rules of Cricket and answering a question about “sticky wickets.”

Live Corporate Entertainment

If you hire an ensemble from The Replicas Music, you are getting a seasoned, professional, and award winning band to play your live music. The Replicas Music won California Wedding Magazine’s best live band of 2016. Live music is what they do and what they are best at doing. So for your next corporate event why not chose an ensemble from The Replicas Music. They will perform the best music your ears can handle. Their ensembles are high energy to keep your corporate event from lagging and getting boring in the middle parts. The important thing to keep in mind when choosing your custom play list is to keep the energy up for the event. Sure it is ok to slip in a slower song from time to time, but the slower the music the more chance there will be for the office code of conduct to be broken. And no one would want that, now would they? The following songs will keep people psyched during your corporate event and maybe even make office parties cool again.</span>

Eye of the Tiger – Survivor

What better to song to start off your event than Eye of the Tiger. The opening riff is iconic. It’s not just Rocky it is every training montage ever. Eye of the Tiger will get even the most boring people in the office to bob their heads. It is a biological imperative. Listen below to relive, “the thrill of the fight.”

Don’t Stop Believing – Journey

Maybe you are, “just a small town girl, livin’ in a lonely world.” Then this song is your jam. Most Journey songs get people psyched, but this one has been used in so tv shows and movies that everyone knows it. Even the hipster in e-comm that monitors the company social media.

Proud Mary – Tina Turner

Proud Mary is a slow burning song. It starts slow but builds faster than Tina Turner can move her hips during the chorus- and that is pretty fast. Watch below and relive Tina in all her glory. You’ll love it, your CFO will love it and most importantly your CEO will love it and you will be the hero!

You Give Love a Bad Name -Bon Jovi

Yes a few of the songs on this list are from the 80s when we knew how to get psyched. This song is so important in hyping everyone up, it was featured on How I Met Your Mother, during a New Year’s Eve episode. Watch the video again and see how excited everyone was for Bon Jovi’s hair.

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