Party at The Dad’s Club of Glendale

Party at The Dad’s Club of Glendale

Nifty at Fifty!

The Replicas Music has played at so many different events, weddings and parties! This night was special as we celebrated our close friend, Patti who also designed our website! Our 6-piece ensemble headed out to the Dad’s Club venue in Glendale to celebrate with Patti and a host of family and friends!


Signature drinks are a thing at most every event these days.  Patti designed a special drink called the Sally O’Malley (named after the Molly Shannon SNL character).  It was made with vodka, cotton candy, and some other yumminess.  There’s nothing like a delicious cocktail that goes down smoothly. It’s also great for enhancing dance moves!

Friends, Family and Fun!

It was so much fun being surrounded by awesome people and positive energy after a long work week! This was more than a gig for us, it was a celebration of life in which we built relationships and brought people together with music. You could show up to an event alone, but if the band plays your favorite song which happens to be a stranger’s favorite song, you’re both dancing like you’ve been best friends for years! The Replicas Music is a family and when we go out on gigs, it’s more than just a performance! Our mission is to touch lives and make our family even bigger! Thanks to the Dad’s Club in Glendale for allowing us to take over for the night.

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