Essentials For The Traveling Musician

We are going to give you some gear and essentials for the traveling musician that will take your performance ritual to the next level!

The Replicas Music has been lucky enough to travel to various places spreading the gift of music! Whether it’s our Funk, Soul, R&B band or our Sitar player, there are a lot of things that are needed. If you are a traveling musician; this is for you! The more and more you gig, the more you will need! It is very important to invest in your craft.

1. Travel in style with SKB Cases and Gator Cases!

They offer quality and affordable cases for any type of musician. They have everything from soft to hard cases for guitars, keyboards and drums. Whether you’re headed on an international tour or you have a local gig, these guys have you covered.

2. In-ear Monitors

Although singers carry their instrument within them, there are some things they can bring to the live performance to make their lives easier. It can be overwhelming when you have keys, guitar, drums and vocals coming from one monitor. What’s even worse is trying to sing over them! Not only can it have a serious negative impact on your performance, but you can also damage your vocal chords. In-ear monitors are essential for vocalists because they can get quality sound in a live setting! Rock on with Westone or Ultimate Ears that you can find on their websites and many other outlets.

3. Floor Wedge / Monitor

There are a lot of companies out there that make monitors and live sound equipment.  Having your own floor wedge / monitor can be very helpful for almost any musician. The Replicas Music is an advocate for QSC Audio. Their K Series along with the Touchmix gives us quality sound, no matter what venue we play. Check out all that they offer and give your band the best of the best 

4. Business Cards

In this day in age, we forget that these little guys exist. We’re so used to referring people to our social media accounts or YouTube pages, but sometimes people need that token with all of your information. Not only does it show professionalism, it can also establish a personal connection and give you a moment to connect personally.Yes, phones do exist for actually talking, not just surfing the web! Invest in some nice business cards for yourself or your band to enhance your brand and market yourself in every way possible. VistaPrint is fast, affordable, reliable and allows you to take the creative reign.

5. A Positive Attitude!

Yes, I know it sounds cliché, but it is so important. Although you may have asked for a green room and stage, not every client understands what that is and why it’s necessary. It is important to be flexible and fully aware of what’s going on and be prepared to educate each prospect! Always come prepared with everything you need just in case your gig doesn’t have it for you. Don’t let that distract you from the main goal which is giving your audience the best show possible! We hope these essentials can help you at your next gig and land even more! Being a musician can be challenging at times, but it’s good to have people to support throughout your artistic journey. The Replicas Music is more than just an agency, it’s a family!  We are humbled to work with some of the most professional and skilled musicians in the industry! Check out some of their awesome work below.

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