7 Tips For Your Outdoor Wedding

It’s Spring! It’s time to start planning outdoors events! And by events we mean your outdoor wedding! Whether you’d like to celebrate your big day on the rooftop of a Malibu estate or have your family and friends gather on the shore of a beautiful SoCal beach, we’ve got you covered! These 7 tips for your outdoor wedding will give you some insight into the pros and cons for your big day! And don’t even worry about entertainment, there’s only one logical decision you have to make…do you want The Replicas Music at your ceremony, cocktail hour or reception? You can make it easier on yourself by booking for all three!

1. Weather

Luckily, most of our weddings have been in Southern California which rules out all possible hinderances of bad weather. Yes, we’re bragging… California has pretty much the best weather all year round! No worries if you’re planning a year in advance for that beach wedding you’ve always wanted, just inform guests to bring a jacket for that nighttime breeze  of the ocean. For those of you who aren’t lucky enough to experience the California weather, make sure you plan in advance for any inclement weather that may take place. Tents, fans, heaters or an alternate indoor venue to accommodate your guests. Check out LA’s best venues.

2. Photography

Photos and outdoors are almost as good as Peanut Butter and Jelly. I said ALMOST. Seriously, your photographer will capture the best photos with the natural lighting of the sun, so make sure you plan a great time if day for the best photos for your big day. It eliminates the hassle of finding the best lighting and all of the other limitations for the guy behind the lens. Check out the best local photographers.

3. Decor

Whoever is in charge of your wedding decor can make this job easy or hard! However, there are endless opportunities for decorating at an outdoor venue. You really have to trust the designer to make it accommodating for every aspect from the guests chairs, to the wedding arch, there are so many things that have to be considered. These amazing wedding planners will make sure you have everything you need to build the outdoor wedding of your dreams! Also, check out Pinterest for some awesome wedding trends that may inspire you!

4. Attire

You have to be prepared for anything when planning an outdoors wedding. It would be horrible for one of your bridesmaids to pass out from heat because the cute dress you chose had no escape from that California sun. Keep in mind that it may be hot, so choosing a dress that is breezy with thinner material or a cute lace touch may be more appropriate for warmer weather. If it’s cold add a cute shawl for brides and bridesmaids and maybe some blankets for your guests if your festivities fall into the night. Find your bridal attire.

5. Keeping it LIT

As we know, “lit” has become a popular term for millennials in the past couple of years but this time we mean literally LIT. Make sure you have a generator for any electronic needs you will need for your outdoor wedding. The Replicas Music bands and DJs provide their own equipment but we will need something to help us power up. Also, when the sun goes down, you and your guests will want light up the air with special lighting so you can see your Aunt Mary dance the night away!

6. Timing

You know that your 80-year old grandma can’t go too long without eating and your two-year-old cousin has little-to-no attention span! It’s important to keep everything flowing from the ceremony to the reception. We know how badly your Uncle Jim wants to tell that embarrassing story from when you were three but your guests already have to sit through speeches, so have a set list of how you want things to go. The executive director of The Replicas Music, Veronica Puleo is not only a musician but an excellent emcee! She will keep the party flowing and going!

7. Food

I hate to admit it, but one of my favorite parts about weddings is the FOOD! From, the fancy chicken dishes with a side of things I can’t pronounce the delicious tiered cake with creme filling! It’s important to make sure that everything stays fresh for your wedding guests! Of course the catering company is responsible for providing everything you need, so choose wisely! They should know how to keep bugs away, how to keep things cool or warm and what to serve guests in any element. Check out the best of the best in catering HERE.

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