10 Professional Makeup and Wardrobe Tips for Your Special Day

10 Professional Makeup and Wardrobe Tips for Your Special Day

When your big day arrives, you’ll be so busy with trying to calm your nerves, you won’t have time to pay attention to the little details that can potentially mar your otherwise magical experience. Do your best to avoid any wedding day makeup and wardrobe glitches with these “must-remember” makeup and wardrobe tips from top beauty experts and wedding professionals:

Makeup and Wardrobe Tips

Line Lips/Color in lips with Liner

Forget regular lipstick — it will only get smeared throughout the day and will undoubtedly require multiple touch-ups; Using gloss will only cause this to happen even faster. Instead, use lip liner to line and fill in the lips with color. The dryness of the liner will give your lips a nice, soft matte look that can last for hours without reapplication.

Allow at Least 45 Minutes to an Hour for Makeup

Even if your regular makeup routine only takes 5 or 10 minutes, plan to spend up to an hour on makeup for your wedding day. You should be able to to relax and enjoy the day’s proceedings without feeling rushed. Allowing ample time for careful makeup application, mistakes and do-overs will go a long way towards helping you to remain stress-free in the hours leading up to the ‘I Do’s’.”

Wear a Button-Down Shirt for Makeup Application

Speaking of mistakes, don’t ruin your perfect makeup by pulling a shirt over your head! Wear a robe or shirt that’s easy to open in front or that you can easily slide down over your hips.

Use a Matte Dusting Powder on Your T-Zone & Keep Blotting Tissues Handy

Keep oiliness in check by using a matte dusting powder on your nose, forehead and cheeks. This will also help keep your skin from looking too shiny in the wedding photographs. For easy touchups throughout the day, bring blotting tissues along and tuck them into your wedding pouch or have one of your bridesmaids make regular “blotting rounds.”

Don’t Overdo It! Makeup and Wardrobe Tips

If ever there was a time when less is more, this is it. Makeup on your wedding day should never look like you’ve spent hours in the makeup chair. Overdone makeup looks downright gaudy on a a bride. As much as possible, you want to let your natural beauty to shine through, so try to highlight your best features without overwhelming them with color or a caked-on look.


Buy a Dress for the Present, Not the Future

Even if you plan on losing weight in the months leading up to your wedding, buy a dress that fits you now, not one that you think will fit your future size. If you lose a few pounds, you can always have the dress taken in before the big day, but if you end up being too busy to reach your weight loss goals, a too-small dress is pretty tough to alter.

Limit the Amount of People Who Go Wedding Dress Shopping with You

More people = more opinions and more opportunities for time-stalling disagreements. Avoid possible drama by only selecting the one or two people whose opinions you value the most to go dress shopping with you.

Decide What You Like, But Try to Coordinate Your Style with The Groom’s Outfit

Sometimes, with event planning, it’s the little touches that have the greatest impact. Although the bride is undoubtedly the star of the day, the groom is, of course, squarely in the spotlight too. Starkly contrasting styles can be jarring to look at and lead to unflattering photographs. Make sure that when choosing your gown and bridesmaids dresses, you check in with your intended to ensure that, wardrobe-wise, you’re all on the same page.

Consider the Timing of Events if You’re Planning a Wardrobe Change

Some brides don’t want to wear their gown for the entire wedding day. They may plan to change for the reception and/or for the exit at the end of the night. Make sure to coordinate with the wedding planner or photographer to make sure that you’ll be ready for any planned photo sessions with the groom, wedding party, family and friends.

Make a Checklist of All Accessories & Items You Want to Bring Along

Again, you’ll have way too many things to keep track of on the big day, so a pre-printed list of everything you need to bring with you for the day can help you stay organized and sane. To get your list started, check out this list of common wedding day essentials.

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