Four Tips for the Best Corporate Photographs

Four Tips for the Best Corporate Photographs

A sea of black and gray suits and sensible shoes doesn’t sound like a particularly inspiring backdrop for taking great corporate photographs. Corporate events can tend to be a bit colorless and conservative, filled with quiet networking and serious business talk. These days, however, corporate doesn’t have to be synonymous with boring. You can liven up corporate events photos with a few fun touches that will cause people to do a double-take and rethink the plan to skip out early on the next go-round. 

Use Posed Shots

At most corporate events, the photographer typically blends into the background and is peripherally seen but not heard. Shake things up a bit by asking attendees to pose for unconventional shots like this one. Fun, spontaneous pictures that show glimpses of real people, doing real life things are a great way to make a company’s social media account look less stuffy.

Look for Opportunities for Fun Shots

In the moments where you are casually walking around in the background, look for opportunities to take fun, candid shots. No matter how serious the subject matter of the event is, people are people and there are going to be moments when they relax. Capture those off-guard moments when attendees are looking around, interacting with others or otherwise being human.

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Use Natural Lighting

As much as possible, keep your flash to a minimum and look for shots you can take with natural light. This will give photos a nice, soft look that works very well in a corporate setting.

Don’t Forget Your Zoom Lens or Your Surroundings

Sometimes, in order to catch a great shot, sometimes you have to catch it quickly, which can be tricky if you are located all the way across the room. A zoom lens comes in very handy for these moments. Also, don’t forget that there are probably other interesting things to photograph besides people. Look around the room(s) for interesting objects that can be photographed from fun angles or with an interesting twist.

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