5 Unique Gifts for Groomsmen

5 Unique Gifts for Groomsmen

It’s one of the most important days in your life and, although it’s no doubt one that your best friends feel honored to be standing up for you at your wedding, it’s still nice to recognize them for doing so. Brides probably have more experience with giving gifts to their girlfriends, but many guys haven’t a clue what kind of gifts they should get for their best men and groomsmen. While gifts for the wedding party are typically not elaborate, you can opt for something fun and meaningful that, even though small, leaves a big impact and a lasting reminder of the special day. Here are a few suggestions:

Unique Gifts for Groomsmen Number 1

A Groomsmen Caricature

A great shelf or wall decoration and conversation starter that your groomsmen will surely cherish for years to come. This one will never see the bottom of a storage box. $30 per person
Groomsman Group Caricature

Unique Gifts for Groomsmen Number 2

A Wedding Party Movie Poster

Talk about a creative groomsmen gift! This slick, Hollywood-style poster will put you and your buddies in giant, stylized movie-themed photo that is sure to adorn all of your walls for eternity. $150 (buys a digital copy which can be printed and framed to size as many times as you want)
Groomsmen Movie Poster

Unique Gifts for Groomsmen Number 3

Gramophone Cell Phone Speaker

For the technology or history lovers you have in the group, this speaker displays old and new sound technology in a beautifully elegant package. $49.95
Edison Amp Wood Gramophone Cell Phone Speaker

Unique Gifts for Groomsmen Number 4

Engraved Whiskey Glass

This can be used for toasts at your wedding or anytime your buddy pours a drink for himself at home and wants to remind himself that he’s the “best man.”

Personalized Groomsmen Whiskey Glass $14.99

Unique Gifts for Groomsmen Number 5

Personalized Wallet or Money Clip

Not exactly unique, but a very practical and casual option that can be used every single day. 

Metro Leather Wallet/Money Clip $26.99

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