1920s Jazz – Gatsby – Gypsy Jazz
January 2018
You’re having a party and you’re tossing around a bunch of ideas in your head.  What theme should I go with?
The Great Gatsby movie with Leo DiCaprio made such a huge splash.  The costume design, the opulence, the beautiful art deco lines of precision with lots of gold, the perfect hair styles with shiny headbands and feathers, pearls, diamonds and gigantic architecture … And Music of the 1920s!  It throws us into this awesome era of richness and fun.  It’s no wonder the event industry keeps coming back to this theme for more.  It doesn’t get old because it represents FUN with gorgeous design elements.  What’s not to love?!
Our amazing quartets can handle all the 1920s music you need for your event.
Photograph by Veronica Puleo

Gypsy jazz music is a style of music that is known as being started by guitarist Jean Django Reinhardt around Paris.  Since the origin of this music is French and Django was literally a Gypsy of the Manouche clan, the style is also called “Jazz Manouche” or “Manouche Jazz”.  The rhythms are super percussive which make it impossible to not want to dance with a martini in your hand.

That Gypsy Jazz Violin / Fiddle sound truly sets the perfect tone for this theme!
This theme will never get old, folks!  Often times our corporate clients will go back and forth trying to shy away from the Gatsby Theme because it’s been done so many times before.  Inevitably, time and time again, we get the call that they’ve gone back to wanting the 1920s vibe because, let’s face it, since this has been done a lot, all your rental companies have an arsenal of design elements at the ready for your incredible event!  This makes your process easy … and the outcome will be fabulous!
The Replicas Music has your 1920s / Gatsby / Gypsy Jazz for your event.  Whether you want a Big Band Orchestra or a 4 – 8 piece Gypsy Band, we’ve got you covered.
Your party is important to us.  We will help you set the tone with the most perfect music for your theme.  Check out our ensembles on our site.
Check Out Some of the Amazing Talent The Replicas Music Has to Offer

This performer plays a broad range of musical styles including classical wedding songs, jazz standards, Pop and Rock, and even EDM. A common trend is to have Electric Violin play along with a DJ.  It’s a perfect way to create a groovy, sexy atmosphere for any corporate and club type of event.
The Replicas Music Variety Band plays a wide range of music that is sure to please your crowd! We customize our song list to make sure that you get the songs that you like and the songs that your guest will dance to. Playing Pop,Rock, Country, Alternative, Hip Hop, R&B, Reggae, Funk, Jazz, Motown, Classic Rock, Ballads, Disco, Top 40, or even some Hair Metal, we keep your dance floor filled and all your guests having a great time!
Here’s another trio that can handle all genres and knock everyones socks off.  These guys have studied with some of the absolute greats in the music industry. Yeah, you can’t go wrong hiring these cats.