Your venue is picturesque.  Your decorations are Pinterest worthy.  It’s Goldilocks weather–neither too hot nor too cold, and definitely not raining!  The food meets everyone’s exacting expectations. The party seems like it should be sheer perfection.   Shut Up and Dance: 5 Songs Guaranteed to Fill the Dance Floor There’s just one problem. The dance floor is void of everyone over the age of 5.  Some people feel like they were born dance deficient. Others aren’t in the mood yet.  As you plan your celebration, you get to set the scene so the reluctant rockers and the self-consious cavorters forget themselves and start to boogie. There are songs that people love to hear. There are songs that make people move their bodies.  Make sure the set list is filled with songs that make everyone, even your buttoned up great aunt, want to dance. While the history of music is full of compositions that make bodies groove, the last few years produced some noteworthy tunes that are guaranteed to fill the dance floor.  The artists and their styles are varied, but the music goes directly from your ears to your toes. What’s great about The Replicas is that we perform live music that everyone wants to dance to! When you close your eyes and listen to the music your going to feel that your at the concert listening to your favorite artist. That’s because we take the time to get it right! We practice individually and then we practice as a group. No weekend warriors here. Everyone who performs on the stage of your wedding is a full time professional musician. We love what we do and we take it very seriously. Our goal is to give you the performance of a lifetime!  

Who Wants To Hit The Dance Floor?



Happy by Pharrell Williams


Shut Up and Dance by Walk the Moon (2014)

Shake It Off by Taylor Swift

Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson, featuring Bruno Mars

Can’t Stop the Feeling by Justin Timberlake

Yeah by Usher