5 Party Trends of 2018

Some trends are a flashbang. They make a grand entrance and then disappear pretty quickly. Other trends stick around for quite a while. (Shiplap, anyone?) 2018 is no exception. Some party trends are on their way to the annals of history, other decor is working its way onto the scene, and there are those trends that may be on their way to becoming classics that we’ll see for years to come. What are some trends you might want to consider? Here are some things making an appearance, and some others that seem here to stay.

Party Trend #1 – 2018 Pantone Color of the Year

The color gods at Pantone have spoken and declared Ultra Violet 18-3838 this year’s color. Pantone, a company based in New Jersey, developed a standardized system of identifying, matching, and communicating color in the 1960s. Standardizing color was hugely helpful for designers and manufacturers as well as for customers.

Pantone describes Ultra Violet as a refuge from the overstimulated world. They also claim it symbolizes creativity and individuality while suggesting the mysteries of the universe. Use it how if fits your style and your life best. Use it to express yourself or the cosmos. Just use it!

Party Trend #2 – Balloon Garland

Balloons and parties go together. They always have. Balloon garland isn’t just a few balloons strung together or the fairly simple balloon arches of yesteryear. A garland is an exploding river of colorful orbs twisted together into a dense stream. Sometimes flowers are woven into the bounteous display, sometimes it’s just an amazing and abundant display of latex and air.

Party Trend #3 – Translucence

While color reigns in balloon garlands and at Pantone, translucence is the name of the game when it comes to other touches at a party. From venues with lots of natural light — including skylights — to clear acrylic invitations and menus, they are all on point this year. If you want to shine in your details, make sure the light shines through.

Party Trend #4 – Photobooths

Commemorating your event with pictures is nothing new, neither are photobooths. What comprises the booth this year is a little different. One of the newest trends is to have a leaf blower turned onto your guests while capturing their wild hair and distorted faces. Both the resulting pictures and GIFs are unique and memorable.

Another 2018 party trend that shows up in decor and in photobooths is greenery. Fresh cut greens peeping out from latticework or a solid wall of boxwood–with or without flowers–makes an interesting backdrop that is not distracting. Pallet walls for backdrops have been around for awhile, but this year they’re getting decorated this year. Many are spruced up with plants, paint, and illuminated letters.

Here in Los Angeles, you have several photo booth vendors to choose from. We’ve seen good setups from iHart Photobooth and Flash Life Photobooths but that doesn’t mean that there are other super terrific vendors near your venue in Los Angeles.

Party Trend #5 – Comfort Food

When planning your menu, the obscure and complicated no longer have a place. 2018 is the year of comfort food. Build your own mac and cheese, a french fry bar with a variety of dipping sauces, a hot cocoa station with all sorts of add-ins, and sliders made to order are all part of food that’s trending for parties. Share your favorites with your guests and enjoy every bite and sip.

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