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You’ve been invited to a Bar Mitzvah, now what?  What do you wear? What do you say? What do you give? The Replicas’ Music has performed at a number of Bar Mitzvahs and we’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly of gift giving. We thought we’d share some of our gift giving suggestions. 


A Bar Mitzvah is a celebration of a young man turning 13 years old. In Judaism, this is the milestone where he is now considered responsible for his actions, and he is ready to observe religious precepts and participate in public worship.  During a traditional ceremony, the young man’s father will often give thanks that he is no longer responsible for the sins of his son.

If the invitation to the Bar Mitzvah does not specify what type of dress is appropriate, it’s never wrong to dress modestly.  Men wearing blazers with nicer pants will always fit in with the rest of the congregation. Women who dress modestly will never be wrong.  Too much cleavage or leg is usually unwelcome, especially during the religious ceremony. If you’re not sure what will be appropriate, ask!  

Knowing what to say to the young man you’re celebrating is a piece of cake.  “Congratulations!” is always good. “Mazel Tov!” is even better. It literally means “Good Star,” but is used as the modern Hebrew equivalent of “congratulations.”

While gifts are not the main focus of a Bar Mitzvah, what 13-year-old doesn’t like to receive a gift?  Gifts given in multiples of 18 were once traditional. The word for 18 in Hebrew is similar to the word “chai” or “life.”  While no one will scorn a monetary gift in a multiple of 18, there are plenty of other options.

Mazel Tov Young Man!

A short Gift Guide for a special young mans Bar Mitzvah

1. A Tallit (prayer shawl)

As the young man joins the life of his congregation, he will be expected to have his own covering.  

This silk Tallit will last him for years to come and be a beautiful yet practical reminder of his coming of age.

A wool version is less expensive, more durable, and perfect for colder climes.

2. A Tallit bag

If you’re fairly certain he already has or will receive a Tallit, give him a place to store it safely.  Most 13-year-olds need help with this. Make it easier by giving him a personalized Tallit bag.

3. A Personalized Bar Mitzvah Keepsake

This engraved block commemorates the occasion of his Bar Mitzvah and keeps your wishes for his life at the forefront.

4. A Tzedakah Box

The word “tzedakah” means “righteousness” or “justice,”  although it is often translated as “charity” in English. Giving money to a righteous and just cause is a religious obligation for most Jews.  The tzedakah box encourages the young man to regularly put aside money to give to a person in need or to a cause close to his heart.

5. The Ultimate 13 Year Old Boy Gift

If you know 13 year old boys, you know they love video games.  Why not upgrade his gaming system or provide him with the funds to buy what he wants to support his gaming habit?  Who knows? Your gift might help him go pro one day!


When in doubt… Gift Cards are always a hit!

Mazel Tov

If you think we’re helping with gift giving guides for  Bar Mitzvah’s you should see how we crush our live entertainment performances!  

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