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Nothing But the Best – Why Sinatra’s Still Got It

Picture This, If You Will…

Moet & Chandon in sparking crystal goblets. Caviar and Crème Fraîche tarts on sterling platters atop seashell linens. Your guests in white tie and haute coutour evening gowns. And the band, kicking things off with a shrieking cover of Wrathchild by Iron Maiden. Sounds good, right?

Um, no, not really. Now not to disparage Metal… it has its moments. But, for a party planner, there is no greater faux pas than the perfect party with the perfectly wrong music.

(Spoiler alert… Don’t be that planner!)

Frank Sinatra, Really?

Yes, really. When it comes to sheer style, class, and debonair panache, nothing says OMG, amazing party! like a swingin’ homage to The Chairman of the Board. We can’t promise you Old Blue Eyes himself (if we could, we’d be in the wrong business)! But the Professional Tribute Bands of The Replicas Music can promise a wondrous night of Moonlight Serenades and slow dances into The Wee Small Hours of the Morning.

Does It Have to Be All Sinatra?

No, of course not! Why not mix in some Nat King Cole, Tony Bennett, and other great artists of the Crooner Age? After all, some of the greatest American songwriters had some very good years in the Rat Pack’s hey-day… George Gershwin, Cole Porter, Sammy Cahn, and many more. So why break out the good dishes for just any old song list, when it could be a trip to the moon on gossamer wings? We can’t think of a reason why not!

Do It Your Way…

Frank did it his way, and so can you. If you’re planning THE elegant soiree of the season – be it a wedding, anniversary, retirement celebration, or any other truly special occasion – just make sure you have the perfect Live Music song list (and genre) to match. When it needs to be Nothing But the Best, let The Replicas Music make that dream a reality. Champagne, anyone?

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