the 5 songs to avoid on your wedding day

Top 5 Songs To Avoid On Your Wedding Day

What do you think makes the perfect wedding reception? Is it the location? What about the food? How about the music? Actually, the music is what sets the tone of this special day. Your wedding music is like the soundtrack of your wedding ceremony. It sets a romantic atmosphere and allows guests to take part in the joy of your union. Without music (or with the wrong playlist), chances are most guests would leave right after eating! Here are the top 5 songs not play at your wedding reception!

1. She Used To Be My Girl – The O’Jays:

Not only is the singer proudly stating the ownership of an individual but the subject matter at hand should tell you not to play this on your wedding night. No one wants to hear the pains of someone singing about the good ol’ days with an ex-lover while celebrating a bright and cheerful future for the bride and groom.

2. Part Time Lover- Stevie Wonder

Meaningful lyrics were always a huge selling point for Stevie Wonder’s music and you can bet that there is some meaning behind this song’s idea of having a secret affair with someone else. With lyrics like:

If I’m with friends and we should meet
Just pass me by, don’t even speak
Know the word’s “discreet” with part-time lovers
But if there’s some emergency
Have a male friend to ask for me
So then she won’t peek it’s really you my part-time lover.

           Part Time Lover should be avoided at all costs!

3. Girls, Girls, Girls – Jay Z

No! Please stay clear from this one! Clearly the person can’t get over the fact that he loves all types of the female kind. If you hear this song being played at your wedding, run to tell the dj or band to change the song immediately. Don’t say I did not try to warn you!

4. Superfreak – Rick James

Talk about a song that should never be played at your wedding reception! For any groom to be please do your bride to be a favor and steer clear from this track! I bet you must be asking yourself Why must all the bad songs be so catchy!

5. Maneater – Hall & Oates

Don’t let the fun and catchy beat fool you! Though it may sound fun to dance to please read the lyrics first before deciding on this jam by Hall & Oats.

As the lyrics state:

“(Oh-oh, here she comes)
Watch out boy
She’ll chew you up”

It sounds more like the plot of a horror movie than it does a song that should be played at your wedding reception

Hall & Oates really know how to write about the darker side of love!

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