How to create the perfect summer vibe at your event

Summer is nearly here and with it comes more outdoor events. There’s nothing quite like that chill summer vibe – surrounded by friends and family on a warm evening, having a drink, sharing a meal, all while taking in some truly amazing music.

Sounds great, right?

Creating this vibe at your event requires one key ingredient – the music. Summer is light, airy, and chill; the wrong music choice could leave your guests weighed down, interacting less, and leaving early.

First, let’s all agree to forgo the default choice, the steel drum band. In the right time and place, this can be a good choice, but doesn’t necessarily channel the vibe we are going for. Why not give your guests something more?

You can have it all, including the summer vibe, and still give your guests something familiar to sing along with and that they will remember. Creating the ultimate relaxed summer event is easy:

Hire a smaller band to create a more intimate feel. Larger bands are great for providing energy and keeping your guests moving; however, a bigger band at a small and relaxed gathering can be a bit overpowering. A small ensemble of 3-5 will put you in the goldilocks zone.

Think out of the box. A band isn’t necessarily only a singer and a guitarist. Many ensembles utilize more instruments – a banjo, steel guitar, ukulele, and innovative percussion – that create a unique vibe. Your guests will appreciate hearing something new and fresh.

Ensure the band you choose can still give your guests something familiar. While we are all for thinking outside the box, your guests will still want something they know – dancing and singing along is the best part of having live music after all. Think this can’t happen with the instruments we mentioned above? Wrong. Just wait until you hear Jimi Hendrix on a ukulele!

With all of these elements, you will have what you need to create the perfect relaxed summer vibe for your event.


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