Veronica and Mike of TheReplicasMusic tied the knot on October 13, 2019 at the historic El Paseo Mexican Restaurant in Santa Barbara. After 10 1/2 years of being together, they thought it was time to make it official.

Their goal was to keep it as simple and chill as possible. Being that they are event professionals, they were lucky enough to receive help from so many experts in the business. They are especially thankful to Zohe Felici of Felici Events and Santa Barabara Wedding.  She and her assistant really took the reins the day of and helped the event flow smoothly from start to finish.

Everything happened in the one location:  Ceremony, Cocktail & Reception.  Veronica’s main objection was to help her guests relax … especially those whew flew all the way from New Jersey and Florida, and those who drove all the way up from San Diego and Orange County.  “There’s no need for everyone to go here and there and everywhere.  We had all we needed in that one space … Love, music, food, libations, and ambiance.”

The incomparable Will Brahm, Jazz Guitarist extraordinaire, set the scene so beautifully by playing his original music for the ceremony. JP Reynolds (officiant and friend) effortlessly had the guests gather around for a super heartfelt and loving ceremony in-the-round. His words were delivered with aplomb. He stole the show! 

Obviously, for V & Mike, the music, sound, and lighting were pretty ‘up there’ on their list of priorities. They had their six-piece version of their band The Main Attraction perform three sets of incredible tunes executed perfectly. Sound design was expertly distributed by Mike Mooneyham of Full Moon Audio, and lighting was perfectly installed by Spark Creative Events.

Photographer Paul Rumohr and filmmaker Raul Rodriquez captured the couple’s uniqueness through their lens’.



Live Music: The Replicas Music

Sound: full moon audio –

Planner: Felici Events

Center Pieces: Pamela Galvin

Dessert Table: Percy Sales Events

Cake: Sunnys Delights

Officiant: JP Reynolds

Marriage License & Emcee: Alan Katz

Photographer: Paul Rumohr

Rings/Fine Jewelry: Mike Merritt

Wardrobe stylist for V & Mike: Shawn Lochridge

Venue: El Paseo Santa Barbara

Lighting: Spark Creative Events

Videographer: Raul Rodriguez

Florals: Tracy Morris / Ella and Louie

Makeup: Page Berse

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