I want to be completely honest about my last 5 1/2 months. I came out the gate swinging hard with a “nothing’s going to stop me now” attitude. I saw the “free” time as a gift handed down to me from the heavens. I could finally take a break and relax. But I didn’t relax.  I accomplished more in four months (creatively speaking) than I had many years ago before I started TheReplicasMusic. I worked night and day on new projects because I didn’t know how long this pandemic was going to last. I wanted to seize every moment and do all the things inside my recording studio that I’ve ever wanted to do. But I also realized nothing is free. This time that has gone on way too long and is costing everyone in the arts and events industry way too much.

The very naïve side of me thought we’d be back to work within 3 to 4 months. Then four months passed and we were still on some sort of lock down … and I hit the wall.  I hit the wall so hard that I didn’t even want to get out of bed. I wasn’t sure if it was depression or that I was simply very tired from continuing my nonstop behavior through the first four months of Covid.

Truth is, people, I’ve been working for some sort of living wage since age 12. No lie. I am performing artist with 30+ years experience. I’ve been hustling for a long ass time. I feel like this forced and temporary retirement was absolutely necessary for my mind body and spirit. I’m super grateful that I have had the strength and tenacity to always forge forward no matter how many rejections I received in this fickle events industry (pre Covid). I learned early on that the word “no” was no big deal because there was always going to be plenty of YAAAASSSSS out there.

Here we are, nearing the end of August, and though I finally learned to chill out and relax more than ever before, I miss the stage more than anyone can possibly imagine. I miss performing with our music family on a regular basis.  And like my amazing roster, I continue to work on my voice and my rhythm guitar skills as if I’m training for the fight of my life.

I’m so over 2020 as I’m sure most of you are. What will all those events look like next year? Will anything ever be the same again? Will we ever get back to our old normal? Who knows!?

What I do know is that I will roll with the punches and I will always be a musician and music agent. My mission remains the same – To be sure my great musicians are taken care of, held in high regard and respected because they are the very best in Los Angeles and they are on TheReplicasMusic roster! When live events happen again – We will be back stronger than ever and we will be the band event planners should hire and/or recommend to their clients because we’ve continued to work our asses off all throughout this insane time. We’ve kept our chops up! Have you seen our virtual concerts and collaboration videos? Check them out on YouTube.com/thereplicasmusic.

Have you seen my new personal site, VeronicaPuleo.com? Yeah … I’ve been busy … While I also meditate and hang with my husband and 3 dogs.

Peace out, people!  Take care of yourselves.  Be kind.


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