Top Three Earworms for Events

The earworm. You know that song that you love, but it gets stuck in your head for days? Suddenly you find yourself singing it in the shower, while waiting in line for your coffee, and while trying to distract yourself from work (no judgement). Here’s the thing about those songs – they are always super popular at events, from weddings to corporate conferences. Our top three earworms will guarantee you have at least one stuck in your head for the next week. Sorry, not sorry.

Shout – The Isley Brothers

Shout, released in 1959, is the quintessential event song. There’s no need to direct the crowd, everyone does what the song asks – throw my hands up and (shout) – and it never fails to get even the most sluggish of guests moving. Plus, you’ll find yourself singing the Hey-hey-hey-hey portion of the lyrics the next morning.

Sweet Caroline – Neil Diamond

About 10 years later, Neil Diamond graced us with Sweet Caroline, which along with our third choice, is a classic for the semi-drunk group dance. It’s often chosen as the last song of the night, given its sappy (and sweet) soft rock tones. It will have your guests belting out Sweeeet Carolineee Ba-da-up-dum-dum (which it shockingly not an actual part of the lyrics) in their sleep two weeks later.

Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen

We could have easily made this list all Queen songs, as they are the undisputed rulers of all earworms. However, Bohemian Rhapsody in just plain epic. This song has it all – ballads, serious guitars, interesting operatic bits – and the crowd always truly commits (and yes, this is in part where a semi-drunk group dance forms). While playing this song is no easy feat for the band, it is always a show for everyone involved and is often the source of many hilarious pictures, selfies, and videos. In the end, it is an experience your guest will never forget or stop singing.

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